Universal – BL – AL1

Characteristics – SMOOTH Segment / HEIGHT 8mm 10mm / Size
LAR (+performance) / BLZ (+speed)
/ Universal USE (Alternate Hard / Abrasive) / Diameters
Ø300 up to Ø1000 mm

  • Materials – Artificial stone, solid brick, facing brick, machembrado, hollow brick, ceramic tile, calcareous sandstone, calcareous terrazzo, calcareous concrete, thermo-clay.
  • Alternative cutting of – Granite, Terrazzo, Slate, Adoquin, Silestone, Basalt, Carcite, Corundum, Porphyry, Pumice stone, Asphalt, Refractory, Bevedillas, Gero concrete, Concrete tile, Antacid brick.
  • Characteristics – Disc
    prevents breakage in intensive use BLUE SERIES notch ” AL-1 – BL ” Fast cutting . Ideal for when we have to cut very compact pieces (more than 3 cm) and we have lack of power. Ideal for when we have to cut pieces of more than 10 cm and we have lack of power.
  • Remarks – Ideal for all types of water cutters.

Our Wet Cutting Discs are manufactured in Spain and follow all quality standards.

Categories – Wet Cutting Discs – Universal Wet Cutting Blades

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SOLGA DIAMANT, after more than 60 years in the diamond tools sector, has a wide range of cutting table discs, from discs for low requirement or professional applications to specific applications. 

Our technical sales team will support you in choosing the best option by analyzing the requirements of the job, type of machine and material to be cut.

SOLGA Diamant has a wide range of specifications, see thefollowing table with the codes we have.

Table Available Coming Soon…

At SOLGA Diamant, our goal is the highest quality by offering the best service. We select our raw material suppliers with the same premise that we use in our manufacturing, guaranteeing the highest level of quality. In our production process, we use the latest technologies in sintering and welding, obtaining products of the highest quality at competitive prices. Our commercial network collects the needs of the different markets, managing with the factory the development of new drill bits, continuously innovating to offer the best solution to each need. All our bits are welded by laser welding, induction welding is also available.

To check availability of a specific diameter you can contact us in the Contact link and also for technical questions about any of our products.

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