Water Table Discs

Table Saw Blades for construction. Wide range of cutting table blade, from low requirement, professional applications and specific applications.

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TheBlue SERIES Wet has been designed for cutting general materials, where we combine very versatile metal alloys so that the diamond can be brought to the surface according to the type of material being cut.

The Red SERIES Wet has been designed for cutting hard materials, where we combine metallic alloys that allow the renewal of the diamond when it has lost its cutting capacity, soft alloys with resinous diamonds.

The Specific SERIES Wet is a range of discs for specific applications.

Water Cutting Table Range



  • Universal – LAR

    Characteristics - SMOOTH segment / HEIGHT 10mm / Flats / Size LAR (+performance) / BLZ (+speed) / Universal USE (Alternate...

  • Universal – BL – AL1

    Characteristics - SMOOTH Segment / HEIGHT 8mm 10mm / Size LAR (+performance) / BLZ (+speed) / Universal USE (Alternate Hard...

  • Swift Laser – LAR

    Characteristics - SMOOTH Segment / HEIGHT 10mm / Size LAR (+performance) / Universal USE (Alternate Hard / Abrasives) / Diameters...

  • Swift Turbo Laser – LAR

    Features - Turbo Laser Segment / HEIGHT 10 mm 15 mm /Size LAR (+performance) / Machine Low Power / Universal...

  • Basic Line Laser

    Characteristics - SMOOTH segment / HEIGHT 8mm / Flats / Size LAR (+performance) / Universal USE (Alternate Hard / Abrasives)...

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Specific SERIES Wet

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