Grinding Rings

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After years of experience, SOLGA has developed grinding rings used in brick calibration. Thanks to the close collaboration between our customers and our R&D department SOLGA has grinding rings adapted to the needs of each brick factory. We develop alloys and internal processes to obtain perfectly balanced grinding rings, always seeking to obtain the best grinding finish and performance. Adapting each production process to the specifications sought in each brick factory.

Design of alloys developed from the analysis of the samples of the material to be rectified provided by our clients, adjusting the composition of the segment to the demand of each client, offering specific tools for each type of material and objectives required (See table).


SOLGA balances all its grinding rings according to customer specifications, obtaining high quality in the grinding process.During grinding work, the grinding rings are subjected to high centrifugal forces, which added to the heat generated during the process makes the crowns can vibrate deteriorating the quality of grinding. As a solution, SOLGA has developed a treatment on the metal support that ensures that the grinding rings behave stably throughout the life of the segment.


The grinding rings  are designed to facilitate polishing work in the terrazzo, marble, granite and brick industries. Their high abrasive power makes them indispensable tools in polishing lines, because thanks to them more heads can be used for finishing and polishing work. They are manufactured in diameters from Ø200mm up to Ø1000mm for its application in each type of material. Our engineers work continuously to achieve production processes that guarantee the perfect functioning of the crowns throughout the life of the diamond tool, offering the best finish in the calibration process.

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