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PN 3000 Horizontal Timeline Tape 20 mts Ref. 62100550

 Composed of: 1 Tensioner 1 Tape 30 mm polyester  2 Carabiners  1 Harness  1 Bag

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The PN 3000 temporary lifeline is used as a temporary anchor line in applications where there is no permanent anchor line.
Momentary situations in which you have to anchor to be able to carry out a specific job.
The line has a maximum length of 20 meters, certified EN 795 B for use by 2 operators working at the same time.
Packed in a practical bag with 2 safety carabiners included.
Recommended for bridges, roofs, etc …
Packing: 6 pieces.


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SECURITY CHAIR Ref. 63000200
EN 1498

Self-maneuvering lift-descender system.
Reduction by means of pulleys with bearings. Pulley ratio 5: 1.

Use of a Ø14 anti-rotating polyamide string that prevents rotation.
This device is designed for use on facades and interior patios from 10 to 50 meters high.
The engraved polyester chair with vertical front and back straps, as well as a belt and leg loops that provide a comfortable working position.

The chair equipment can only be used with the personal lifeline made up of the harness + altochut fall arrest device + cordage, which is supplied with the equipment.


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Access and evacuation equipment in confined spaces.

Complies with UNE 795 Class B – Mobile anchor points.

It consists of three adjustable telescopic legs.

Integrated anchor points for pulleys and carabiners.

It fulfills the functions of anchoring, suspension and rescue support. Equipped with self-locking winch with stainless or galvanized cable winch.

Vertical resistance: max. 20 kN.

Height adjustment between 150 and 244 cm
Provides continuous anchoring to operators working on horizontal planes such as roofs, raised platforms, etc.

Lifeline with retractable cord, max. 18m, extremely easy to install, light, ready for use.
Easy to uninstall and reinstall in a new place thanks to the integrated lathe.
High-strength polymer housings with a carrying handle that includes a tension indicator.
An integrated energy absorption system makes it possible to limit the force of impact on the structure.
The cable is equipped with a connector with a swivel shackle so that there is no twisting in the line, the connector also has a drop indicator.
It can be used by 1 or 2 people at the same time.
Galvanized steel cable Ø6.
22 kN of resistance.