Concrete Drill 1/2″ GAS ARO

Features – ARO / Welding Laser / Height mm / Lengths 150 up to 1000mm / Thread 1/2″ GAS / Diameters Ø12 to Ø35 mm

  • Materials – Siliceous concrete, calcareous concrete, highly reinforced concrete, Klinker, extruded stoneware, ferrogrés, aragon stoneware, catalan stoneware, stoneware of breda, trejo stoneware, brancós
    siliceous concrete, fibre cement, silicon carbide, asphalt, asphalt, concrete blocks, gero concrete, concrete tiles, antacid brick, sandstone, Silestone, solid brick, facing brick, machembrado, hollow brick, ceramic tile, terrazzo, concrete pavers, basalt, corundum.
  • Alternative cut – Calcareous sandstone, Calcareous terrazzo, Thermo-clay.
  • Characteristics – ARO CONTINUOUS, allows us to drill in very reinforced concrete. LASER WELDING that allows us to avoid welding the ring, even when working at high temperature.
  • Remarks – Use on low and medium power drills (max 3.800 w). Always use at high speed. Ideal for use in hand drills.

Our Drill Bits are manufactured in Spain and follow all the quality standards.

Categories – Drill & Concrete Drill Bits

Concrete Drill Bit 1/2″ GAS ARODrill Bites & Concrete – Instagram

SOLGA DIAMANT uses cutting-edge technologies for the manufacture of its diamond drill bits, obtaining drill bits adjusted to the needs of the market offering high drilling speeds and high yields. Segments welded to laser or induction, depending on application. The continuous study of the different concretes and reinforced concretes result in the perfect adaptation of our drill bits and machines at the service of diamond drilling.

Available ranges of Water Drilling Drill Bits, Dry Drilling and Special Applications. Different alloys for hard, extra hard and abrasive materials. We also have available Rev Adjustment Table depending on the drilling diameter and the material to be cut from all the drill bits.

SOLGA Diamant has a wide range of specifications, see thefollowing table with the codes we have.

Table Available Coming Soon…

At SOLGA Diamant, our goal is the highest quality by offering the best service. We select our raw material suppliers with the same premise that we use in our manufacturing, guaranteeing the highest level of quality. In our production process, we use the latest technologies in sintering and welding, obtaining products of the highest quality at competitive prices. Our commercial network collects the needs of the different markets, managing with the factory the development of new drill bits, continuously innovating to offer the best solution to each need. All our bits are welded by laser welding, induction welding is also available.

To check availability of a specific diameter you can contact us in the Contact link and also for technical questions about any of our products.

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