PYTHON FS Sintered Pearl FS Yarn

Characteristics – FS pearl / Sintered Quality /
Use Concrete
/ Mounting
40 P/m /
Diameter Ø10’5 mm / Main Feature Speed

Diamond wire for cutting concrete type FS manufactured in Barcelona. Bead designed for high cutting speed offering a life of up to 5m2 per metre of wire. Manufactured with high quality vulcanized rubber that together with the steel cable guarantees high flexibility and safety, avoiding breakages. Highly reliable European product.

Wire suitable for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete and high-strength concrete with high steel load. Its high flexibility allows all types of cuts to be made with total guarantee of success. SOLGA vulcanised rubber protects the yarn from abrasion, guaranteeing a reliable yarn until the end of the bead’s service life.

  • Materials – Calcareous and siliceous reinforced concrete, high resistance reinforced concrete, iron, reinforced jacket pipes.
  • Alternative cutting of – Granite, slate.
  • Features
    which allows us to be resistant to snagging. VULCANIZATION Perfect rubber, which allows us to use the wire up to the end, even with poor cooling / Can work up to 32 m/s / Cuts up to 90 % of the reinforcement /
    high hardness diamond, which allows us to cut fast and with high performance.
  • Remarks – For all types of machines.

Our Construction Threads are manufactured in Spain and follow all quality standards.

Categories – Building Wire – Sintered Bead

FS Sintered Pearl FS YarnConstruction Yarn – Instagram

SOLGA DIAMANT, leader in the manufacture of diamond wires, continuously develops wires that adapt to the needs of our customers, focusing the manufacture on constantly obtaining safe and top quality wires. In our production processes we use specially developed rubbers to obtain the maximum adherence in the cable and beads. Our sintering systems HIP offer the best choice in cutting reinforced concrete and iron. Completing the range with beads manufactured using the system Vacuum.

Our technical sales team will give you support to choose the best yarn for each occasion, analyzing the requirement.
of the job, the type of machine available and the material to be cut.

SOLGA Diamant has a wide range of specifications, see thefollowing table with the codes we have.

Table Available Soon…

At SOLGA Diamant, our goal is the highest quality by offering the best service. We select our raw material suppliers with the same premise that we use in our manufacturing, guaranteeing the highest level of quality. In our production process, we use the latest technologies in sintering and welding, obtaining products of the highest quality at competitive prices. Our commercial network collects the needs of the different markets, managing with the factory the development of new drill bits, continuously innovating to offer the best solution to each need. All our bits are welded by laser welding, induction welding is also available.

To check availability of a specific diameter you can contact us in the Contact link and also for technical questions about any of our products.

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